Who are you putting first?

Most employers act responsibly and continue to do so even in times of crisis. Despite this, media attention seems to be focusing exclusively on the draconian measures certain business owners and companies are taking in response to the coronavirus.

That’s why we set up this open platform – to put employers who are doing the right thing in the spotlight. We’re all employers who are showing solidarity and seeking solutions with their employees, suppliers and customers so that we all come out on the other side stronger.

So, raise your voice! Upload your company logo to the platform! And proudly place the #PeopleFirst sticker on your website!

Organisations of all sorts can use this open platform to inspire and set a good example to others. Participants may use the #PeopleFirst logo and place their own on the platform’s website.

In the words of Viisi Hypotheken and Great Place to Work, two #PeopleFirst participants, ‘Now’s the time to put people first and to communicate clearly and frankly. We need to make clear agreements that benefit all concerned, even though this doesn’t guarantee there’ll be no lay-offs. None of us can predict the future.’

Nonetheless, it’s vital that you remain transparent and show compassion and understanding, as this helps create solidarity – a source of solace and comfort in these testing times. Act in the knowledge that your staff won’t shirk their responsibilities and will band together. Treat them as you’d expect to be treated yourself.

Who are you putting first? Join us as a ‘WhoAreYouPuttingFirst?’ partner if you believe in putting #PeopleFirst as wholeheartedly as we do!

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